Effective Termite Control for a Termite-Free Space

Ensure your home or business stays termite free with help from Veterans Pest Solutions, located in Huntingburg, Indiana. We specialize in termite control to rid spaces of all termites and prevent any further damage to your property.

Liquid Treatment

Termites can cause considerable damage to your property. That’s why it’s important that you eliminate the presence of them in every part of your business or home. Our company uses Termidor™ High Efficiency Termiticide, which is a liquid treatment, to destroy termites and prevent them from returning.

Baiting Treatment
Advance™ Termite Bait System is an effective treatment that controls the spread of termite colonies and helps eliminate them at their source. We apply the treatment in certain areas of your home or business according to the product’s directions, and inspect them on a quarterly basis to make sure the treatment is working. Please be aware that some chemical spot treatments may be necessary to completely eradicate the presence of termites.

We offer free inspections of your property, with a two-year warranty included with the price of the treatment. Pre-construction treatments are also available so contact us to learn more. With us, you only pay the initial price of treatment for one year of inspections. You get the same level of service but at a discounted price.

Contact us to request an estimate for our liquid or baiting treatment to protect your property from termites.